Alabama Tax Properties offers a variety of services to the following individuals: Property Owners and Taxpayers, Investors, Tax Collection Officials, and Attorneys.

Property Owners and Taxpayers

Did you think you paid too much?
Is your property tax refund overdue?
Is your property overvalued?
Is your property classified correctly?
Do you have the property tax exemption to which you are entitled?
If my property sold at tax sale, how long do I have to redeem?
If someone has a tax deed on my property, what are my options?


By nature, you as an investor, create a return on investment by (a) recognizing what you do well and doing it, and (b) recognizing what you don’t do as well and contracting out those services.  That’s where  Alabama Tax Properties can help.  We bring experience and relationship to address the challenges of the investors “back office”.

Tax Certificate Management

Our Tax Certificate Management Service begins immediately after the tax sale.  We can maintain your certificates in a secure, fire-safe environment until they are redeemed or mature into a tax deed.  In the interim, we handle all correspondence with the county (including subsequent tax notices) and provide you with a monthly activity summary.  When the property is redeemed, we send you the check.

Tax Deed Procurement

Once your certificates mature into tax deed, we contact the county, comply with their specific tax deed acquisition requirements, secure the tax deed, then record it, all on your behalf.deed and secure the tax deed on your behalf.  We will then have the tax deed delivered safely to you or your attorney.

Tax Deed Management

Once that certificate matures into a tax deed—what next?  We can help with a thorough evaluation and recommendation.  Depending on your objectives, we can provided assistance to accelerate redemption, gain possession, or move toward liquidation.

Post-Tax Sale Purchasing of Tax Certificates and Tax Deeds

Periodically we offer an inventory of “options”  which have been acquired from the State of Alabama and are available for purchase.  Typically we try to offer the current assessment information, map of specific location, a recent photo, and comments about the property.  Information regarding currently available parcels can be found here.

Tax Collection Officials

Do you enjoy explaining the tax sale process to your customers?
Does your tax sale comply with Alabama statutes?  With Federal Case law?
Do your redemption procedures follow the law or the way your predecessor did it?
Do you have frustrations with purchasers and investors?

We can help in the following areas:

General Consulting

We can review any or all facets of your tax sale and redemption process to make sure you are in compliance with state and federal, and State Revenue Department requirements.

Tax Sale Services

We have actually conducted tax sales in Jefferson and Montgomery counties.  We can assist you in any or all aspects of your sale, from preparation to actually conducting the sale, to recap and summary reports.

Liaison with Investors

We can speak their language and are equipped to address the most complex issues that may arise between officials and investors, both large and small.


As you know, Alabama property tax issues can be complex and confusing, especially if you only deal with them periodically.  We bring to the table 25+ years experience from the Tax Collector’s Office of Alabama’s most populous county (Jefferson County).  During his tenure with Jefferson County, Gary Boyd interacted extensively with the both the County Attorney’s Office and outside law firms.

Perhaps our services can be helpful in the following ways:

Alabama Tax Sale Issues

What is supposed to happen before, during and after the tax sale.

Expert Witness

When you need an impartial, third-party expert to offer insights on Alabama ad valorem property tax sales from a perspective of over 25 years.

Statutory Compliance

Whether you represent the original owner, purchaser, or tax collection official, you need to know who followed the rules and who didn’t.


Gary Boyd has testified in the following depositions:

  • Maples v. Williams, Jefferson County Alabama, CV 98-5330, September 15, 1999.
  • Winston v. Jefferson County, Jefferson County Alabama, CV 05-P-0497-S, November 17, 2005
  • Greentree-AL LLC v. Dominion Resources LLC, St. Clair County Alabama, CV 09-901012, October 28, 2009
  • Geter v. Jefferson County, Jefferson County Alabama, 2:07-CV-0334-KOB, January 27, 2010
  • Heartwood 88, LLC v. ACL Vortex Holdings LLC, Jefferson County Alabama, CV 09-0-903542, June 18, 2010


Alabama Tax Properties is a family business venture started in June 2009
when Gary Boyd left a 25+ year public sector career and joined with his wife
to make Alabama property tax solutions available to both public and private
entities. From investing in property tax certificates and deeds to resolving
property tax issues, or simply helping you to understand the property tax
sale process in the Alabama, Alabama Tax Properties can be of assistance.
Their client base includes corporate and private investors, attorneys,
governmental tax officials and tax payers.
Gary started his career in the property tax field in 1984 after graduating from Samford University in 1983. He worked in various positions in the Tax
Collectors office of Alabama’s most populous county (Jefferson), serving under three different tax collector administrations.
His experience has allowed him to develop a broad network of both public and private sector
contacts in the Alabama property tax arena.
In addition to specialization at the local level, he has also participated in state-wide conferences and worked with the State Revenue Department on various issues. He also has some experience in other states and has general knowledge of both national and regional trends in this industry.
Jane, also a 1983 graduate of Samford University, has enjoyed working along side her husband for Alabama Tax Properties. Her primary roll stems from years of experience working with various types of investment products. As a former Series 7 and Series 22 Licensed Broker, she has managed administrative and compliance issues in the banking, brokerage, and life insurance businesses. As director of operations, she brings this administrative and investment experience to bear in the daily operations of Alabama Tax Properties.Alabama Tax Properties is a division of Dominion Legacy, Inc.