Alabama Department of Revenue no longer allows assignment of property to third party

As of May 19, 2016, the Alabama Department of Revenue will no longer allow me (or anyone else) to change the name on an assignment purchased from them.

That means the State will not allow anyone to apply for a parcel in one name, then actually purchase it in another name.

There is a contractual solution to this between the non-State parties.  I will plan to update this later.

UPDATED July 15, 2016 *************************************************

This means two things:

  1.  Because of this added complication, we will no longer be able to market “price quotes” that are owned by third parties.
  2.  We intend to continue to market “price quotes” that we own by utilizing the following contractual statement that will be on all our invoices going forward:

“NOTICE:  As of 5/19/2016, the State Department of Revenue will no longer allow the application for property in one name and the execution of the purchase transaction in another name.  This property will be purchased from the State in the name of the applying entity (either Dominion Legacy Inc or Dominion Resources LLC).  Once we receive the certificate from the State, we will execute an assignment (affidavit) of the property to the entity of your choice.  Your payment of this invoice acknowledges your understanding and acceptance of this policy.”