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Go HERE to read an article about what can happen if a tax lien/deed investor gets too aggressive.  Note to file: When all else fails, use common sense! Many thanks to Denise Evans for bringing this article to our attention.

What are you reading or rather- Why are you reading what you’re reading? Books, ebooks, audio books- the market has exploded therefore we need to be asking ourselves “why”? Why this book? Why now? Who Moved My Cheese? is a classic. If you haven’t read this one you need to today. Those of us who had […]

It is with enthusiasm that we announce the initial meeting of “Alabama Tax Talk”.  Alabama Tax Talk is an initiative that we hope will introduce interested parties to the process of investing in Alabama property tax liens. Our first meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 4th at 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM at The Heritage […]

For years, we have attempted to come up with a good way to explain Alabama tax lien investing without having to repeat ourselves “a hundred times in one week”.  One solution we have come up with is “Alabama Tax Talk”. “Alabama Tax Talk” will be a series of meetings (to be held in various locations) that […]

Here is a question that I recently received: “We keep hearing from folks that if a property is sold for taxes, all the mortgages and other liens are wiped out. Is that true? Do you know where the law is on that?  We want to buy tax certificates but want to make sure we aren’t […]

We’re NOT with the government, we’re here to help.

Let me just take a moment to give a short “primer” on what one might do in the event they find themselves with a tax deed.  Let’s use as an example property, a tax deed property located at 6255 Crest Green Rd, Birmingham, AL 35212.

NOTE: In June 2015, we had to raise our minimal fee to $150.00.  All else stays the same. Historically, for the sale of a tax certificate, we have charged 3{0de9caa28a13b92d4d5c08ad1816ca817ff5d9528eba1627cd08150927959f21} of the State amount due or $100, whichever is greater.

I recently received the following questions from a reader: “I read article regarding the case where the tax investor was asking for payments for insurance and preservation but courts denied. I also read case regarding void tax deed. My question to you is how as investors do we verify that owners have been properly notified […]

According to a recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling in  FIRST UNION v LEE COUNTY, Alabama may NOT be a “title state” after all when it comes to refunds of excess bids from tax sales.