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According to a recent Alabama Supreme Court ruling in  FIRST UNION v LEE COUNTY, Alabama may NOT be a “title state” after all when it comes to refunds of excess bids from tax sales.

Sorry for the delay in updating website and lists.  We had an interruption on April 27th.  It was the Shoal Creek Valley tornado.  We were very fortunate in that (1) no family members were injured and (2) we still have a house, although significantly damaged.  We had dear neighbors who were not so fortunate.  We […]

In our effort to build business relationships based on trust and integrity, it occurred to me that it might be helpful to let folks know our terms  for selling tax certificates and tax deeds. 1) Tax Certificates-Our commission is 3{0de9caa28a13b92d4d5c08ad1816ca817ff5d9528eba1627cd08150927959f21} of the State price or a minimum of $100.00.  For example: if the State amount […]

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Interesting but misleading piece

On December 14, 2010, National Public Radio aired this piece. It is about 20 minutes long but gives what I think is a pretty good interesting national perspective on investing in property tax certificates. .

Should I purchase tax certificates from a local tax sale or from the State of Alabama?  What’s the difference and what does it matter?

… whether you’re an investor or a property owner. Excess bidding at a the local (county) tax sale occurs when the bid exceeds

Can I get clear title to a property by

My husband and I have often joked that purchasing tax certificates is a kind of