Do you have tax certificates or tax deeds that you want to sell?

We’re NOT with the government, we’re here to help.

Maybe you have a tax certificate and:

-Your investment objectives have changed, or

-You really would like to have the cash right now, or

-You’re not sure that tax lien investing is for you anymore.

Maybe you have a tax deed and:

-You like tax certificates but don’t really “have the stomach” for tax deeds, or

-You don’t look forward to taking an aggressive position to resolve your tax deed, or

-You don’t know what to do with a tax deed and really don’t want to learn right now.

If any of the above scenarios even remotely describe the way you feel about an Alabama tax lien asset that you currently own, I encourage you to contact me to discuss your options.  Usually, if your asset has any residual value, we can negotiate a transaction that will be positive for all parties.
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