Here’s A Really Good Question

“Why should someone pay a fee to you for something they can do for free on their own?”

1. The fact is you can’t do these on your own, at least not today. We have the exclusive option on these certificates for 20 days. If we do not execute the option, it goes to the next person in line. If you buy it through us, you get it today. If not, you play “Russian Roulette” with the State.

2. Sure, you can do this on your own assuming you (a) have the time (b) have the knowledge of how the system works and can execute, and (c) have the price quote option in your hand. You may have (a) & (b) but you don’t have (c) at this time.

3. Nothing is free. If you do it yourself you at least must spend the time. Time is the most valuable, non-renewable asset that we all have.

4. Our service allows you to buy it TODAY. It also provides some recent data with which to make a decision. We have (or will have) physically looked at EVERY property listed here.