How long does it take to “quiet the title” in Alabama?

A reader has asked a good question:  “Generally how long does quiet title process take in the State of Alabama?”

My answer:  As most of you know I am not an attorney but I have observed a few “quiet title actions” up close.  My layman’s opinion is that several factors can effect how long it takes to get a quiet title order.  I am speaking of the process as it relates to tax deed properties only.

  1. Is your attorney knowledgeable and reasonably aggressive regarding a quiet title action on tax deed property?  Be sure to choose the right attorney.
  2. Have you complied with the statutory provision of adversely possessing your tax deed property for at least 3 years?  If not, you may get not get to “first base” legally.
  3. What does the title look like?  Are there lots of other liens, mortgages, judgments, heirs, etc.?  The more players–the longer the timeline.
  4. How accessible are the parties in #2 above?  Are they alive, local, cooperative, responsive——these factors will determine how soon legal notice can be served.  If you have to revert to advertising, that can add time (and costs) to the process.
  5. How “backed up” is the circuit court system in your jurisdiction?  In more populous counties, it can generally take longer to schedule a hearing than in the more rural counties.

I have not known of one to take less than 3 months and I had one that lasted over 2 years.

I am sure that some of our attorney friends could provide additional information but these are factors that I have observed based on the few quiet title processes that I have witnessed.