New Policy on Tax Certificate Purchases

NOTE: In June 2015, we had to raise our minimal fee to $150.00.  All else stays the same.

Historically, for the sale of a tax certificate, we have charged 3% of the State amount due or $100, whichever is greater.

In an effort to show appreciation to current and future customers, we will guarantee that you will not LOSE any money, given the following conditions, when you buy tax certificates through us:

1.  After you purchase a tax certificate from us and the property is redeemed, and has not earned enough interest to cover our fee, we will give you a CREDIT for the amount of our fee that was not covered by the interest earned.

2.  Applies to tax certificates only.

3.  A CREDIT can be applied to future purchases only.  No cash refunds.

4.  This policy does not take into consideration ANY other out-of-pocket costs that you might incur in making a tax certificate purchase (such as postage, cashier’s check fees, money order fees or wire fees, etc.).

5.  This policy DOES not cover a situation where you do something stupid!  For example: If we send in the purchase amount that the State requires, then the State amends that amount and gives you time to respond—-AND YOU DON’T RESPOND, OR ASK FOR MY HELP OR OTHERWISE LET ME KNOW SO I CAN INTERVENE, then the purchase expires—-you will NOT get a credit for our fee.

6.  It will be the purchaser’s responsibility to provide documentation of some kind indicating  the exact redemption proceeds amount (check copy or other documentation from the appropriate tax collection official).

7.  Upon our receipt of the appropriate documentation, we will issue a “credit memo”, to be applied to future fees in future purchases.

This virtually eliminates the risk of losing money on our fees when you buy from us!

Stay tuned for the next list of available properties!