This is a vacant lot in a nice neighborhood.  It is approximately 2 acres in size.  I saw this lot on 8/14/2014.

Address: 101 Hill Flo Av, Opelika, AL 36801

Land Value: $85,000

Price: $12,041.01

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This is an interesting house on 4.5 acres, overlooking a lake.  I visited this house on 8/14/2014.  I would estimate that it has been vacant for approximately 2 years.  The lot is very overgrown.  It has a pool that is covered.  It more than likely has a mortgage but there seems to have been no activity to preserve the property.

Address: 1130 Lee Rd 250, Salem, AL 36874

Land Value: $32,700

House Value: $265,750

Price: $75,793.18

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This is a vacant house in an older subdivision.  I looked at this house on 8/5/2014.  Apparently the neighbors are keeping the grass cut in the front.  The rest of the neighborhood is neat and clean.  This is a single level house with a double garage.  There is some eave damage on the far right corner over the garage.  See photos below.  Could be a good rental property.  We will issue a quit claim deed to the purchaser.  Go to the address link below to “tour” the neighborhood.

Address: 1608 5th Av SW, Decatur, AL 35601

Land Value: $11,200

House Value: $100,700

Price: $28,580.60

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