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Unlike sites which offer “multi-state” expertise, we only do one state—ALABAMA!  Why?  (1) We’re local.  We live here, work here, pay taxes here and vote here!   (2) We have over 30 years experience in Alabama tax sales–in both the public and private sectors.   (3) We don’t try to pretend that all states are the same in terms of tax sales—they are not!We can help you. Maybe you’re new and not sure how (or even why) tax certificates are a good investment.  Perhaps you have been involved in this business but would like some help better navigating the system.  We can help you.

Not sure what all this means?  You might start with “What is a Tax Certificate”.

Need advice on certificates or deeds you currently own?  We’ll set up a consultation and help you “get your arms around” your property tax investment portfolio.

Want to invest without the hassle of attending a tax sale?  The properties listed in the Current Inventory tab are ready to go.

Ready to buy? Contact us immediately- certificates are sold on a first come first serve basis and each option carries an expiration date.

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